they make Electric Vehicles

Save money

  • With increased incentives and manufacturing, the average price for many new EVs is very similar to new gas vehicles.

  • In addition to gas savings, maintenance costs for EVs can be up to 35% less than gas vehicles.

  • Depending on the state and car, electricity (and insurance) companies offer benefits and discounts for EV owners - like free night time charging.

Don't Worry About Range

The average American's daily roundtrip commute is about 30 miles.

All current EVs can go at least 62 miles on a full charge.

On average, only 10% of charging happens on the road at public stations - 90% happens at home.

Green is the New Gold

EVs contribute in diminishing greenhouse gas and other harmful ozone emissions.
Widespread EV use can help reduce air pollution and threats to respiratory health.
EVs are three times more efficient than gas vehicles in converting energy into driving power.

A Finer Drive

  • You'll love the instant acceleration and more powerful torque.
  • A quiet ride is a better ride.
  • Enjoy the comfort of smooth, vibration-free driving.